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I'm not a kid anymore...

Okay.. so the day started out really weird, it was just one of those days. And throughout the day I only had one thought in mind; meet Sloan! So Pam and I headed downtown tonight. We weren't going to the show, I didn't have enough money to pay to see Sloan play for 40 minutes :( But we listened through the glass windows! Pam laughed everytime I started rocking out to a song haha.

But before all that, we were hanging around where the buses were and we saw Andrew. I yelled for him, and I guess he didn't hear me, since there were so many idling trucks around.

So back to listening to stuff through windows. After there set was done we went around back, back to where the buses were. Pleasently surprised, Andrew came out just after we got there... to smoke! But he was out there. So I called him over and he put his drink down and came over. The first thing he said was "Do I know you?" I laughed and was like "No..." He asked if I had went inside, to which I said no, I didn't have enough money to. He said something about Kravitz being shit anyways. Then Pam asked if they had met him and Andrew laughed, really laughed and said "No." We asked him about Beat Rocks the Block and at first he didn't remember, asking if it was this past summer. We laughed and said yes. Then he remembered and said the whole city of Kitchener showed up! I said yes and laughed.. and then I think I said something about how I've liked them since I was 12, and how I told Chris that last time I met them and Chris was like I've loved you since I was like 32...and Andrew was like "Chris Murphy?" and I was like "yeah..." and he was like "That would be like him to say something like that." and he laughed. I finally found my Sharpie and got a picture with him and his autograph. Then I asked him about the rest of the guys and he told me to stand in front of there van if they didn't come out. Plus somewhere in there Andrew asked our names and shook our hands, twice.

An hour later Patrick and Jay finally managed to make there way outside. I called both of them, and Jay waved and walked away, but Patrick came over. He was like "Are you looking for us?" and I was like "Yep I am." He went "So do you want an autograph or a picture or something?" in his Patrick way.. and I was like "Yes please" and he was like "Oh look! You came prepared." so then we took the picture and he was going on and on about how they had to hurry and I asked him about Jay and Chris, if he could get them for me. And he was like "I can't get them, but I can send them to you." and I was like "Aww that would be awesome."

So he left and next thing I know, Chris is walking over. CHRIS MURPHY. I don't really remember what happened with him, but I do remember him asking if I was inside.. and me calling Kravitz "Krevitz" instead, and then him calling him Krevitz too. I also remember him asking if I wanted a picture and my cd booklet signed and I said yes. I also gave him this book of stuff I had for him and I proceeded to tell him in a calm way (not like last time) that I've liked them since I was 12, and he flipped the book open and was like "Did you write this when you were 12? Is this a 12 year olds hand writing?" and I was like "No its a 24 year olds." and then we both laughed. And then he kissed my cheek. HE KISSED MY CHEEK! And I am pretty sure I kissed his back. And then he asked why I didn't have Jay's autograph on my cd booklet because "he's the nicest" and I said he hadn't come over yet. So after saying bye, and the van basically pulling out Chris said he would take my booklet over to Jay, in the van, and get him to sign it and bring it back.

BUT Jay brought it back! He was like "Oh sorry, I smudged this." and I was like "Thats okay." and he was like "Do you want a picture?" and I was like "Definitely!" I don't think much more except bye and thanks was said between Jay and I because the van was basically leaving... so he had to be really quick.

That's all I can remember right now... but it was so amazing, and awesome. I was sad I couldn't be in the show, but the guys were so nice afterwards and I think they really appreciated having a fan there to see them off.

Me listening to "The Good In Everyone"

Rocking out to "Emergency 911"

Listening to "The Other Man"

Me, and Andrew, and his hat

Me and Patrick... and he's smiling!

Chris and I... with his arms all around me and touching my hand and such

Jay and I
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