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TV Meme I stole from Ashley!

- List six of your favourite tv shows in no particular order, possibly without looking at the questions;
- Simply answer the question.

1. Criminal Minds
2. How I Met Your Mother
3. Roswell
4. Brothers & Sisters
5. Gossip Girl
6. One Tree Hill

1. Who is your favourite character from #2?
Ted Mosby. OMG. Barney is close... but Ted for sure! ♥

2. Who is your least favourite character from #4?
I do not like Rebecca's mom Holly. I think the actress that plays her is amazing for being so bitchy on the show, but Holly just is so horrible.

3. What would a crossover between #1 and #5 include?
Criminal Minds and Gossip Girl huh? Maybe someone goes missing, like Vanessa and they find Blair all tied up, but Chuck isn't guilty... it's whoever is Gossip Girl. And the BAU, Spece especially discovers who Gossip Girl really is... and Hotch and JJ have this major press conference trying to appeal to the public to get Gossip Girl to come clean, and not to hurt Vanessa and Jenny who they just discovered is also missing. And Gossip Girl is really...

4. Who is your favourite ship from #6?

5. If you were to set one person from #3 and one person from #6 on a blind date, who would they be?
Wow... ummm maybe Liz and Mouth? Not that I think Liz deserves Mouth or anything, but they both kind of have the same kind of personality? Okay... not really. But it was too hard to pick anyone.

6. If you could meet one person from #4 and spend the day with them, who would it be, and what would you do?
I choose Justin, hands down. Not only is he very good looking, but he's had such a change from the beginning of the show and I think he deserves to have more friends and more recognition.

7. If you could change one thing about #2's plotline, what would you change?
That we find out who the heck the mom is. AND what's up with the goat?

8. Explain a relationship between two people (not necessarily romantic) from show #3, and why you like the relationship between them.
I choose Max and Michael. They're like brothers and always will be like brothers. I feel bad for Michael always feeling like he's left out, especially when Max goes all weird.

9. If the lead title characters (first name in the credits) from #1 and #5 were both drowning, and you could only save one, who would it be?
I would obviously save Blake Lively over Joe.

10. If you could change the title characters' order in the credits for #6, what order would you choose?
I would put Lee Norris first. He deserves it.

11. If you were able to add a new character, any kind of character you wanted, to the storyline for #4, what would the character be like and what would their role be?
I would maybe add a boyfriend for Sara. I think she deserves it a lot... after everything she's been through with Joe (there's another horrible Joe! EEEK!) and the companies she's worked for and everything.

12. What happens in your favourite episode of show #2?
I will say one sentance, and one sentance only: "Damnit Trudy! What about the pineapple?"

13. If you could kill off one of the characters of #1, who would it be and how would you do it?
No one! Since the whole show is about people being murdered or kidnapped.

14. If you got the chance to visit the set for either show #3 or show #5, which would you choose?
Gossip Girl! Mostly because Roswell doesn't exist anymore... but it would be so much fun to be in New York, and see that set... and all those people.

15. If you could date anyone from any of these shows, which show and which person?
Oh man... I dunno. Ed Westwick? Dave Annable? Matthew Gray Gubbler? Josh Radnor? I have no idea!
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