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Exciting things are going to happen...

Well, I guess there's really no point to this entry, except for me to gloat and brag.

The Trews are now in less then a week. Less then a week! I haven't seen them in 2 years or something like that, maybe 3... so I'm totally excited. I hope they play a lot of stuff off their first album, and there new album, not so much there middle album. Either way, I'm quite excited. My goal is to somehow meet Colin MacDonald. Ironically, I've never met him before, and I think he'd be really cool to meet. It's a good bet to say I'm pretty excited.

After that, it's going to be total mayhem... at least for me.

June 18th I'm off to see Marianas Trench in Toronto. OH MY GOD! I am so excited. You have no idea. I'm meeting up with my friend Rochelle which I haven't seen since Fanshawe. It'll be a good time! I'm so excited. I've never seen Marianas Trench live before so it'll be an awesome time. They're playing at such an intimate venue too... which is even more awesome.

THEN on June 27th I'm off to see Marianas Trench again in London! This time with Pam, which is totally exciting because she's so stoked to see them too! The cool thing about this show is I get to use my meet and greet pass to meet them! How awesome is that? I actually get to meet them! It's going to be ridiculously awesome that's for sure and probably a little nerve wracking!

Then after that in July is Beat Rocks the Block. The performers haven't been announced yet but I have a feeling its going to be massive. I'm excited already... so I can hardly imagine what'll happen when I know who's playing.
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